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Every animal deserves a happy life!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

We all want to make the world a better place for animals! Don´t we?

There are loads of ways you can give to pets in need.

I decided to support @glanellysg by selling special DONATION ROSECOLLARS!

Glanellys  González is an independent animal welfare activist, tirelessly working in Venezuela for dogs and cats that are living on the streets, or are neglected and abused by their owners. 

Have a look at her Instagram or Facebook page and give her a follow.

How will it work?

What does it mean, when you buy a RoseCollar listed under the Label

"Donation RoseCollar"?

The price difference, shown on the product, will be donated by me to @glanellysg via


My promise:

* to be open an honest in all my communication regarding the donation.

* to ensure that any donations will be made specifically towards Glanellys  González

* Your RoseCollar will be unique and customised as always

* Handmade with love and care just for you!

Thank YOU very much!

Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity.

Actions speak louder than words!

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